Saturday, February 18, 2012

Class II: We are Khalifah of Allah 1

(excerpt from Understanding the Concept of Khalifah; Prof. Muhammad al Mahdi)

It is Little Caliph's kindies motto to recite their oath as:

  1. Make myself good
  2. Help others become good
  3. Make the physical world good

Actually the motto above is derive from the concluded underlying responsibilities of Khalifah of Allah define by Islamic Scholars:

  1. To perfect ourselves, according to the will of Allah
  2. To perfect all human society, according to the will of Allah
  3. To perfect the physical world, of space and times according to the will of Allah

Only to accommodate the children the above motto is simplified for better understanding. But we need to understand the underlying knowledge to properly bring the correct knowledge to them.

In order to fulfill our responsibility as Khalifah of Allah, we shall first understand where we come from and what qualities we are equip with to be a khalifah.

  1. Before Allah created Nabi Adam (peace be upon him), Allah had created all things in the world. From the smallest particles to the largest. All these material things are available for us to sustain, beautify, and refine our life. Together with special attributes, powers, faculties and opportunities which are fully equip to bring all life to a higher plane and human being for their destined greatness.
  2. We are born with 'Fitrah', which means a natural disposition toward goodness. Mankind is created with the inborn intuitive ability to discern between right and wrong, true and false, good and evil and thus to sense Allah's existence and oneness. Fitrah also means man's instinctive recognition of Allah as his Creator, and the need to surrender to Him, and is an integral part of our human nature.
  3. In order to be His khalifah, Allah has granted human beings some small degree of God consciousness. When Allah breathed into Adam of His Spirit, He imparted to him some small number of His infinite divine attributes in some small portion, but sufficient to successfully fulfill his role as khalifah of Allah. The devine attributes of life, consciousness, free will, knowledge, love, mercy, power etc.
  4. Man also is given with knowledge. Man is endowed with knowledge and ability to understand the meaning of things. This enables man to think in his mind, to conceptualize, to communicate with himself and others, and have inner dialogue and self-reflective consciousness. Its called 'inner speech'
  5. It is the inner speech that Allah has given us that allow us to exercise free-will. Free-will is the ability we has to choose whether or not to act in accordance with the Will of Allah.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Class III: Slides Presentation

Just completed the slides.  Now off to seksyen 2 Shah Alam.  Print and Photocopy

Monday, February 6, 2012

Class II: It Takes HEART

There was a post in FB that says:

'Beauty catches Attention, Character catches Heart.' 
I extended the phrase: 'Developing Excellence Character Takes HEART'

I always start my class by reminding our teachers to renew their intention of being a kindie teacher.  Because it is where everything start, in their heart.  The teacher shall feel proud to be a teacher, even better to teach the little one.  The little one, who is 'like a piece of white cloth'.  Yes, the parents are finally responsible for the little one, but during this year or a couple of years, for the most part of the little one time, they are with us, the kindie teachers.  Allah swt had given us the opportunity to make good in our effort to shape the life of our little one.  Last week Puan Sabariah Faridah mention in the Parent's Reading Course, 'Who the children listen to now, the teacher or the parents?'  The parents answered. 'The teachers'

So it a paramountly important for the teachers, the get started correctly.   It does not matter who you are or where you come from.  You are teaching full time or part time.  Temporary job or permanent one.  You have to do it right.  Bring your kind and open heart, to sincerely devote your time and effort, to be the teacher for the little one.

One of the main criteria when Waffa interview the teachers is: 'Do you love kids?'  If the answer is no, it will be no hire.  Of course some would probably lied to be hired, but like i said, it does not matter how you got to be a kindie teacher,  but you got to renew your intention, your 'niat'. Regardless  Because we need your heart to be here.  Because it takes HEART to be here and sincerely put an effort to shape the little one.

Teachers need to have a link with the children.  Heart to heart link.  The children need to feel love, when they are at the kindies.  Teachers need to love the children, show them the love, tell them, do things for them, behave correctly for them, never stop smiling, hugging and touching them.  All these things require a kind and open heart to be presented to the children.

It is important that the bond with the children is not broken.  Recently, a parent had call Puan Waffa, telling her his child does not want to go to school, because 'Cikgu garang'.  This should not has happened.  Am sure the intention is good, no complain there.  But it could not be done at the expense of a broken bond with a child.  Its ok to be 'Garang' only when the bond with the children is stronger than the 'garang' behaviour.  And for that, it TAKES HEART, a strong heart.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Camping: Sedili II

Yesterday ummi(Waffa), ibrahim, fatimah and ruqayyah went to the camp site again.  They could not go through the beach as water level is too high.  AlhamduliLlah they arrived at camp site safely last night (10 pm) thru alternative route.  This morning I called Waffa but was told Papa, Mama and Waffa had gone out to town.  So I called Papa's phone, immediately he told me, Ibrahim is ok, and they are on the way to clinic..  Wait a minute, nobody told about no trip to a clinic or what not.

From Waffa, I was informed that Ibrahim had jump in the water very early in the morning.  After a while, one of his cousin had ran to the beach, and he follows.  A few second later, Ibrahim had ran back to the camp site, crying loudly while holding his hand up.  Clearly he was in a cruxciating pain.  I do not think he is smiling then.. His palm had swollen from wrist up.  Apparently he hold a blue jelly fish like creature in his hand, before the pain had registered in.

Unfortunately, today is Sunday.  All clinic is closed.  Immediately I called, Mat Deris, who is our tekong in kuala sedili.  He was sleeping, and luckily he did not gone out to the sea today.  Very quickly he went to the gov clinic and call upon the staff nurse to  open the clinic to treat my son.  Thankfully, in a small town like Sedili Besar, you can that.  Ibrahim was well treated and off they go to camp site again.  But I must say a BIG THANKS to Mat Deris,  I owe him one..

I don't know what else they do at camp site this time around.  But last time we had our hand full with clearing a clog river.  We started with breakfast early in the morning, after which they will jump into the water immediately.

  Sometimes last year, there was a very high tide situation which had caused lots or rubbish and logs from the sea flow into the river.  When the tide subsided and the water flow back into the sea, together with the logs and rubbishes.  But the hollow path of the river had caused the logs to get stuck and form a barrier with lots of rubbish clogged at the barrier.

So the water flow had been filtered by all rubbish before it reach the children playing area.  The water seems to be clean but sight of the rubbish is not tolerable at all.

We decided to clear up the blockage and allow the rubbish thru.  It is hard work actually, we are doing logging activity.  Fortunately we had a small chain saw to help us out, with lots of bare hand and bare bones strenght.

 After the logging activity, I can not move my back.  It was my turn to sleep like a log ha ha ha..

Monday, January 30, 2012

External: Bad Spot (Time-OUT) Admin

When administering Time-Out as a way to discipline a kid,

1- The energy we want to exude is LOVING AND KIND, so do it with firmness but loving,say thing like, you are so precious to me, that it why Mama needs to show you how to behave better so that you will be happier.

2-Give the brightness of the future - say things like, once you have learn from your mistake, we hugs and we play or do whatever activity together.(by doing this, the child will focus on the good she will get out of this reflecting session and want to achieve it)

3-Give her a time limit like 5 mins, so that they know when they must reach their goal and also they feel secure that this is not forever.

4- Give her a goal to achieve - like by 5 mins Mama will come back here and Mama want to hear from you how you can behave better next time.

5-Then I will hug you and spend sometime to tell her how much she is loved. Tell her she is a wonderful child, that naughty behavior is not her and she can remove it from herself by being better next time. Now that she has learn from that mistake, she is stronger and better. Assure her tht she is a good person. (do not promise present, like buying toys etc we do not want them to have the idea that we have to bribe them to behave themselves)

In general, children misbehave because at that time of misbehaving, they feel lack of love from whoever they want to be loved. So, to resolve this, understand how to show love to them. There are 5 love languages.Next time I will share.
May Allah help us to be better parent and give us wisdom and patience to raise the amanah from HIM.

Love always.

External: Tak Payah Pukul Anak

Status Update
By Prof. Dr. Rozieta Shaary
Menjawab soalan Lily dan Roslina. Bagaimana cara lain untuk mendisiplinkan anak selain dpd memukul.
Seperti yg saya jawab sebelum ini, guna kaedah time-out dan menerangkan. Dimana suruh dia duduk atau berdiri di satu sudut. Suruh dia berfikir akan apa yang telah dia lakukan. Namun, sebelum itu, anda hendaklah bila melarang anak berilah reason yg baik. Jangan panjat nanti jatuh, bukanlah satu yg masuk akal bagi mereka. Apa yg anda boleh lakukan ialah mengajar dia bagaimana utk memanjat dgn selamat. Kedua, anda perlu ambil masa menerangkan kepadanya supaya dia akan hanya memanjat bila anda atau suami anda menunggu di bawah dan setakat mana dia boleh memanjat. Dan terangkan dengan reasoning mengapa tidak boleh memanjat tinggi-tinggi sgt. Tidak cukup sekadar nanti jatuh. Itu menakutkan dia dan mengurangkan keyakinan dirinya.
Anda boleh mengajarnya menggunakan kaedah bertanya - Apa akan jadi kalau abang panjat tinggi2 sangat? Dgr jwpn nya. kemudian, bawa perbincangan supaya dia boleh menyedari dia perlu berhati-hati.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Camping: Sedili 1

Last Chinese New Year holiday, my family and in laws went camping in north of Kuala Sedili.  We moved from Pasir Gudang on Saturday, early afternoon.  Taking JB Senai Highway to Desaru.  We were in 4 vehicles.  My mom in law was with me and my family in Chery Eastar, 1st bro in law (Wallid ) and family in Pajero, 2nd Bro in law Waffiz, Achop and family in new Saga, and my father in law with several of his side kicks in Ford Ranger.  The camp side is entered through a palm tree estet that have full access to a stretch of a very beautiful beaches.

We arrived at the beaches at around 3 pm.  It is fun to drive on beaches, like some kind of car advertisement, untill we find our Chery got stuck in the sand.  Luckily we had a couple 4 x 4 to help us out.  Actually only Wallid Pajero was fully functioning 4 x 4 vehicle.  My dad in law Ford Ranger also got stuck in the sand several times.  But finally we arrived at the camp site at around 4:00 pm, the journey is about 2 hours.

The camp site has an old barn but long grasses had grown quite high and a lot of clearing need to be done before we can camp there.  With a couple of lawn mower and a chain saw we manage to clear the area and erected 4 tents.  We started a bit late so we are rushing against time to clear the camping area, set up some camp fire, and the tents before dark.  AlhamduliLah we manage to do just that, and my father in-law also brought a generator, so there was also electricity for our camp..:)

The kids did not waste no time but play in the water the minute we arrived.  I don't know, they will have like 3 - 4 water playing sessions a day or may be just non-stop staying in the water.  But they have fun, a lot of fun.  Playing in the water, with sand, with the beaches, the seashells.  Ibrahim got sun burn so bad, he change color  ha ha ha...
He collected lots of seashells and try to build some kind of castle, but we never took nothing home.